Oh noes! We were “hacked”

Apparently there was some latent vulnerability in either the theme I was using or the slightly out of date (v2.9.2 – current is v3.0) version of wordpress. In any event, I have jumped on it with both feet and it “should’ be okay from here.

I am combing through the rest of site to see if I can find anything else out of place. If you see anything out of order, feel free to let me know!

Site changes

There was a post or two that you may notice is now missing. I ended up changing a bunch of things in the backend as far as web hosting is concerned, which would normally not be a big deal, but it was a very prolonged process.

This was mostly due to some configuration difficulties from migrating from one package to another within the same hosting company. there was a couple of account name and permission conflicts, but it is sorted now.

Rather than step into the past and recreate those posts that are missing, we’ll just move forward from here.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

How I fixed my turn signal with a pen

If you haven’t been over to the Hacks page yet, take a look. It has a bunch of things that I’ve been working on documented. There was about a 4 year break between me publishing anything, which is a real shame.

It certainly is not because I have not been working on anything. Anyhow, I just finished documenting how I repaired my Vulcan’s turn signal with nothing more than a knife and a pen. If that sort of thing appeals to you, take a look.

Changing Themes

I’ve been fiddling about under the hood here and making some changes. I wasn’t happy with the last theme and how it was functioning. I may change it yet again but no matter, the content will remain the same.