I hate plumbing

I used to think that the worst thing in the world was working on existing plumbing.  It’s always so stinky, disgusting, and difficult.  Now that I have set up the new bathroom in the shop I think I can expand that to include ALL plumbing.

Hiring a plumber is certainly expensive, from what I hear, I never hired one, but for all the bullshit and headaches it’s probably worth it.  I had all sorts of special circumstances with this latest build.  There was the “on-demand” water heater, inaccessible blow-off drain, faucet inlet lines and ridiculous installation points…you name it.

I finally got everything I needed, took back what I didn’t, etc. by the fourth trip to Home Depot.  And that was after I felt I had made a meticulous plan.

I started on Saturday somewhere around noon.  There was nothing in the bath area except paint.  Sunday around 6pm this was the result:

Here’s a final glamour-shot of the baby hot water heater: