Say Cheese!

Some of you are aware that I’ve been in the process of rolling out a photobooth rental company lately. It’s coming along very well. I took a few months off from doing anything with it while the other business gobbled up my life but now the time has come to get things rolling in earnest.

I have been working with a (very patient) graphic designer to get everything on paper in the past few weeks and it has been fruitful. I honestly believe her images and polish will be a huge influence on our success. For some things there is just no substitute for a professional, so, thanks Jen!

SuperCheese Logo

I’ll post the front of the card as well, but be forewarned, neither the phone number nor the content portion of the website are live yet, although the email address is. I ended up using as my telephone provider for this business. I needed a virtual telephone number and am already using GrandCentral/Google Voice for another business. I really wish I could have gotten another number from them but sign-ups have been closed for years in our area code.

The GotVMail service looks good, has a bazillion features (that I won’t likely need) but the plans are a bit spendy for me at this point. Anyhow, this is just a friendly reminder not to use that number as a way to get in touch because it costs per minute after 100min/mo. Ya know what, now that I’m talking about it I’m going to blank it out before I post it. =)

There we go, like it was never there:

SuperCheese Business Card

Our first official event is this Saturday and there is a giant heap of things to get done before then so I’m off (to bed, it’s late and I’m totally beat, even though it seems I must never sleep).

Oh yeah, I’ll try to get our flyer posted here soon too.