A look back

When I was talking in the last post about the OSB sheeting on the wall I decided I would revisit that and see what it looked like the day it was finished.

I sheeted the walls with OSB for aesthetic reasons but also for practical purposes. I sanded off all the architectural markings and sealed it with a single coat of tung oil just to get a little shine.

It’s great since the light catches and shines at crazy angles and I can still use it in a very utilitarian way. Pick a spot, nail, screw, or bolt something on, no need to worry about finding a stud or other impracticalities.

The current workspace is about 250 sq. ft. but I would estimate that we’re only able to use about 1/2 of that for framing. We still have our hobby stuff in there as well (not like we’ve even seen any of that stuff in a year or more).

I have 3 sewing machines and all of my fabric, webbing, and leather tools in there. Jen has her kiln and pottery wheel and all of the supplies that go with that. then more space is occupied by the closets, which are nice, but still eat into our available area.

Speaking of the closets, that’s one of them in the above picture. The other is in the opposite corner. I really love how it turned out when I applied the corrugated metal to them like that. Kind of a tropical/modern feel, if that’s even possible.

Here’s a view from the doorway:

If I dared show a view of what it looks like now it would leave even the most hardcore cluttlerbug in fits.