Closet Bookshelves

The fully remodeled closet with tree and bird graphics

A few years ago, we pre-modeled the (tiny) second bedroom upstairs into an office. I had bookshelves all along the walls and I built a desk into the closet to make use of the space. I say pre-modeled only because it was never really meant to stay that way, it was just something to tide us over for a few years until we got around to doing it properly.

I really was pleased with the idea of being able to use the closet space for something like the desk, but when it came time to actually do the remodel I had to make a change. That arrangement always put Jennifer and I in close proximity, which would never be a bad thing, but it also meant we had a pretty limited amount of desk space. That fact coupled with the thought that we wanted to make space for Brady meant we needed to rethink the desk scenario.

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How I fixed my turn signal with a pen

If you haven’t been over to the Hacks page yet, take a look. It has a bunch of things that I’ve been working on documented. There was about a 4 year break between me publishing anything, which is a real shame.

It certainly is not because I have not been working on anything. Anyhow, I just finished documenting how I repaired my Vulcan’s turn signal with nothing more than a knife and a pen. If that sort of thing appeals to you, take a look.