Wild Dream

Just had a crazy dream, I want to write it down quickly before I forget.

Jen and I were at the mall doing some shopping and decided to shop separately. I was wandering around and ran into a friend from high school who was in a utility area like you see down the restroom hall or something at the mall.

He waved me back to where he was and there were several more of the guys from high school and it turned out that they were taking the “Math for Everyday Living” class together. Again.

We were talking back and forth and I could tell that one or the other of them was constantly checking me out head to toe. I thought maybe there was something wrong with my appearance and started doing the same.

The first thing I looked at were my feet, and this was where I first realized this was actually a dream. I had on some nice leather dress shoes I hadn’t been able to find the other day when I was headed out but I was wearing them here.

Then, suddenly, class started for these guys and I didn’t belong. I made as if to leave and the instructor accosted me with the usual “Where do you think YOU’RE going?” routine. I told her I was headed to the bathroom, as an excuse, and was about to ditch when I saw that I was being followed by someone else from the classroom.

This woman attempted to give me directions and keep track of me. I found the bathrooms down another hall filled with classrooms and went inside. The trashcans were overflowing and I was compelled to clean them out.

I took the faces off the wall-mounted cans and walked them outside. And walked and walked, once I was away from that weird situation it made no sense to follow-through with the trash detail.

I walked into a courtyard that I now recognize as reminiscent of the courtyard at my former high school. There was a trashcan in the middle of it which I was going to make a point of using to leave the can fronts I was carrying leaning against.

As I walked to the trash can I noticed a small green pole with a yellow band around it a few inches from the top. The yellow band was flashing as a kind of alarm. I realized now that there was also an audible alarm and that I must have tripped it when I left with the trashcan fronts.

I recall thinking about how foolish it would be getting caught in what would appear to be attempted theft of part of a trashcan, laying them against the other can and walking away.

Or rather, attempting to walk away. I felt very sluggish and foggy. It seemed like I could only take a single step at a time before needing the rest.

Thankfully, it was about this time that Jen called and woke me up. It is super difficult to pretend you haven’t been sleeping with this on your mind and a big wad of drool threatening to leap from your face to the phone.

I think I played it well, the only way she should know to the contrary is when she reads this!