Seat Belt Purse – Part 3

Step 7:

This is where the rubber meets the road. This is by far the most critical step to get correct. Any slippage or problem here will at best need to be reworked and at worst, result in rebuilding all or part of the main body.

That being said, this process is rather straightforward. We’re going to insert the liner, affix temporarily (I usually break out the stapler again), and attach the zipper assembly to the main body in preparation for sewing.

The zipper should be trimmed to length first, leaving about an inch and a half “tail,” this will be critical to the sewing process. Insert the zipper assembly into the main body. Starting on the end, roll edge of the zipper assembly over to the outside creating a bound edge and pin.

Work from side to side rolling and pinning. Pay careful attention to the state of the “binding” at this point. The tension should be even all around the body. Avoid pigeon-toeing the vertical webbings or having ripply excess. A test fit of the loop prior to attaching the zipper would probably be prudent.

Beginning to roll and pin the zipper assembly
This is what the main body looks like when the top has been rolled and pinned:
The combined pieces, pinned and ready for sewing

Step 8:

I feel terrible but I can’t help with this bit much at all. Sew the top to the body. Easily enough said but it can be problematic. The only guidance I can give is to not torque the body of the bag when jockeying for good sewing position. Any slippage of the vertical straps/liner will be painfully evident.

Step 9:

Home stretch. All you need to do now is attach the carry strap. Use the same riveting technique as before. Just be certain to fold under the raw edges of seatbelt.
The carrying strap attached

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