Seat Belt Purse – Part 1

Step 1:
Measuring and cutting the horizontal pieces Snugly loop the seatbelt around your foam form. Cut with a seam allowance of about half an inch. See picture at left.
You will need four pieces cut in this fashion. Cut a fifth piece an additional half inch longer. Seam each piece end-to-end with a half inch overlap and set aside the fifth (longer) loop until later. After this step you should have:
The five loops from Step 1
Step 2:
Place the four equal loops on the form like so:
The completed loops on the form
Beginning the weave Note: This picture shows the initial weaving step. It is imperative that the “end” strap (pictured at left) loops over the bottom strap. This will maintain the bag’s structural integrity and shape while in use.

Upholstery pins should be used to temporarily affix the vertical webbings to the form until the process is complete. Don’t be afraid to leave an inch or so excess.

Step 3:
Weave the side panels similarly, alternating the weave starting at one end and working toward the other. Once the entire side is woven take a moment to even out all of the webbing. The goal is to have a uniform appearance and structure like pictured below. Only when satisfied should you flip the form and do the opposing side. Be certain not to forget to weave the base!
Removing the handles

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