Seat Belt Purse – Notes and Resources


I suppose these instructions could seem a little intimidating at first glance but I assure you I have probably over-dramatized the process. These webbings are pretty easy to work with. To keep the cut ends from fraying I typically use a lighter to melt the fibers together. I have experimented with one of those nylon rope cutters (think hot-knife) but it just wasn’t worth the hassle.

The process takes me a little less than 2 hours to complete. It is, of course, considerably faster if I am doing more than one at a time in an assembly-line type doohickey. Here’s my finished product:

All done and ready to wear!

Skip the Work, Buy Online!

I can completely understand wanting to know how to do this project and then not really wanting to do it once you see what is involved. If that sounds like you, perhaps you should just buy one of these instead:

This seat belt bag is a nice tote in light yellow.

A bright red seatbelt purse about ten inches square. This is about the size of seat belt purse that these instructions were written for.
If neither of those are quite your color or style, click here to browse the rest of the store.

Answered Emails:

Q: Where can I buy seatbelt webbing?
A: I used a few places to purchase the seatbelt webbings. The place I purchased from first is They allowed me to purchase cuts in increments of 1yd so it was very convenient. Another online source was They had an incredibly helpful staff but dealt in much higher volume. I believe the minimum order there was 100 yards but it depended upon the color. I also occasionally patronized my local upholstery supplier Rex Pegg (Tacoma, WA). The folks there are awesome but the selection was rather limited.

Q:I would like to ask you, if I can use the pictures of your seatbelt-bags and translate your instructions into German to publish it on my website. For sure I will mention you as the copyrightholder.
A: Absolutely! Send me a link if you remember, I would love to add it here.

Links to German translation: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
It appears as though Part 3 is not/was never completed.


This was quite a learning experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is the first I’d made in almost two years so I decided to document it.

My wife now has a considerable variety of colors to choose from. I suppose the most fulfilling part is being out with her and hearing the positive comments she receives. She’ll then usually point to me and mention that I made it. The girls usually start fawning at that point…how can that not be worth it?

Questions? Send them to webmonkey(a)

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Updated: 13 June 2007; Clarified outbound links and added German translation info
Updated: 9 March 2006; Added email section and changed color scheme
Published: 25 February 2006

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