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  1. Hi Jen,

    I just thought you should know, while you rant and rave on ehow about how someone stole your idea for the seat belt bag. It actually has already been done, since 1997. Here is their website,

  2. Thanks Wendy for the comment.

    I never claimed to be the originator of the idea or even the concept. I was specifically “ranting and raving” about my content and pictures being used without permission on a revenue generating website, a clear violation of copyright.

    You may rebut this by saying that the company you mentioned has prior claim and I would be quick to agree. The issue there is that I do not sell this product. I instruct others how they can create their own.

    Hopefully I have illustrated both my understanding of the situation and the facts of the matter.

  3. hi
    the photos are not showing up for some reason.
    i love the look of these, i have a lot of little kids and they seem to be hard on my purses and also wanted to try adding some extra pockets for a diaper bag
    ok before i get carried away. i need to get the webbing :)
    just wondering if you had the instructions in a file with the photos as i am totally visula and dont know why they arent showing up

  4. I’m not sure why the photos aren’t showing up. Do you mean when you print the page?

    I do not have a file of everything in one place. I have been meaning to do just that. Perhaps your request will finally be the motivation I need.

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