Princeville, Kaua’i

Towards the tail end of our stay on Kaua’i we elected to stay in a rental condo on the north side of the island in Princeville. We found it rather last minute by browsing around on Vacation Rentals By Owner and got a bit lucky to find a place that was available at the last minute.

Now, clearly, it wouldn’t have been a top-shelf property and still be available at the last minute but it wasn’t too bad. We paid about $65 a night for a studio with a “kitchenette,” a deck with a middling view of the golf course, and the most uncomfortable couch ever created on this or any other planet.

I put kitchenette in quotes because as minimal as a kitchenette is to a true kitchen, this thing was to a true kitchenette. We’re talking about a hot plate and a toaster oven on the same piece of furniture as the television. Well, to be fair, there was also a mini-fridge. It only took 36 hours for it to actually get cold enough to place food inside.

There was, however, a pool. It was nothing at all special, about 12×36 feet and sloping from 3 to 9 feet deep. It did have the endearing quality of being empty at almost all hours of the day. Jen and I took to going once or twice in the afternoon every day with a big jug of the daily cocktail. Jugtail?

it was a great place to base our operation on the north side though. We ran out to Hanalei (of Puff the Magic Dragon fame) a few times and then all the way out to Ke’e Beach. There was a great observation point just outside of Princeville proper where you could overlook the valley and see the rice paddies and other farming activity. It was right about here:

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It was a fantastically amazing view, here are a few pictures:

A view outside Princeville

Another view outside Princeville

It was a great place to be, but we had saved enough money from cheaping out earlier we decided to splurge for the last night and left this place a day early.

Glass Beach

We also went to Glass Beach on the south shore of Kaua’i

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This is a picture of me on the southernmost point on the above map. There was a small path leading down here from the hillside above. The dirt areas of hill were filled with rusted bits of engines and transmisisons. There was even a smashed car partly buried and hanging out of the hillside.

Kevin on the rocks at Glass Beach

There was a cemetery on the coast there as well. Completely inexplicable and unmarked except for the headstones. There were several of these types of cemeteries around the island. I would love to know the story and significance of them.

Headstone in the coastal cemetery

Another headstone on the coast

I also got my first experience GeoCaching with Sherri. She had already found this one a few months before so she just helped me along and let me find it. Way fun!

Kevin writing in the log for the GeoCache

That’s a picture of me writing in the logbook for the GeoCache, I didn’t come prepared with any little trinket to leave behind unfortunately. I will remember next time!

For a tiny little beach in an industrial area, there was sure a lot of interesting things to see and do there. We were very glad to have taken the time to stop here and check it out.

Salt Pond

We had enough time left in the day after visiting Waimea Canyon that we were able to make a run to a couple of the smaller nearby beaches.

One of those was Salt Pond. Here’s a great view from above. It’s easy to see why it is called Salt Pond.

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That rocky area to the left of the main beach was where I took these pictures:

Waves on the rocks at Salt Pond

More waves on the rocks

We didn’t have our beach gear or anything so we didn’t stay a long time. The neat thing there is that around every bend in the road is a great beach. Just stop the car whenever you feel like it, clamber out and stick your feet in the ocean. How cool is that?

Jen makes tracks into the ocean

Waimea Canyon

One of the first places we visited on Kaua’i was Waimea Canyon. It’s on the southwest side of the island. In the map Point A is Kokee state park. The green arrow is my best guess at where the observation point for Waimea Canyon is.

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The views were quite stunning. I really wished I had a tripod and my laptop with me so I could shoot some High Dynamic Range pictures, but these will have to do:

A view into Waimea Canyon

The horizon at Waimea

Sherri was nice enough to take a picture of Jen and I enjoying the scenery.

Jen and I at Waimea Canyon

Down in the parking lot someone had set up a makeshift concession area where we got a couple good snaps of the unofficial island bird.

Kaua'i Alarm Clock

It was a lot of fun up there. Like most things on the island it was within a 45min drive so we were able to visit and still have plenty of time in the day for other things.