Wesport June 09

Jen and I went to Westport this last weekend for Pirate Daze and the Sand and Sawdust festival in Ocean Shores. We headed off to Ocean Shores pretty much first thing Saturday morning to see the sand castle competition.

Teams had a roughly 12 foot square plot of beach to work in. The were assigned plots and allowed to set up their tools at 7am. They were unable to actually enter the plot and begin building until 9am. One of the things I was surprised to find out is that they did not allow you bring sand into or out of your plot. I suppose that just allows the ocean to put everything back pretty much where it came from.

Teams had until 3pm to build and were judged on things like height, cut-throughs, theme and using the plot evenly. We found out a few days before arriving here that Joel’s family was going to have a team present so we were excited to catch up with them and see how they did.

There are two beach access roads near the area and we wound up at the one furthest from the event. We had to walk about half a mile or so to get there but considering the state of parking where the event actually was I think it would have been the same either way. Plus, something about a walk along the beach seems a whole lot better than walking through a parking lot.

From Westport June 09

There were four different divisions for the competition; Family, Novice, Intermediate, and Master. the Family teams were clearly there just for the fun of hanging out together. I saw a bit of overlap in the Novice and Intermediate teams, but the Masters were just amazing. Particularly the theme and detail level of the Masters is what set them apart.

From Westport June 09

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Arnold Palmer Cocktail

It was a friend’s 21st birthday this past Monday so we went out to The Swiss [Apparently their real site, theswisspub.com is having problems, link goes to MySpace] for a little celebration.

There were many different drinks being handed out to Zach, but one of the interesting ones was the Arnold Palmer cocktail. For whatever reason the bartender called it an Arnold Palmer Weed but I can’t find another reference to it using that name.

The recipe is pretty straightforward:

  • Highball glass
  • Cubed Ice
  • 2 oz. Vodka
  • 4 oz. Lemonade
  • 4 oz. Iced Tea
  • Lemon Wedge Garnish

The difficult part is having had a couple drinks and trying to tell everyone else what it is you are drinking. We went around a few times trying to say it tongue-twister style and had a good laugh. Here is Jen’s final effort:

Spring Break ’09

Spring Break has officially come and gone. I worked every single day at least 14 hours a day, and have quite a bit to show for it too.

It wasn’t all work however, we took Friday and Saturday and went to Oregon for some actual vacationing. First thing Friday went drove down to Tillamook, Oregon and went to the Tillamook Dairy and Cheese Factory.

It was pretty fun. We got to watch all the machinery in operation, which both Jennifer and I love doing. We sampled several different kinds of cheese and got some smokin’ deals on cheese in the store there. We bought two pounds of peppercorn cheddar for only $5! Of course we had to get some ice cream while we there too.

After Tillamook we headed back to I-5 and Portland. After checking in at the hotel we went to Powell’s “City of Books.” It’s a book store that covers an entire city block. It’s pretty darned awesome. We picked up a few and spent the evening at the hotel reading and hanging out.

On Saturday Brady swam for an hour or so in the hotel pool while I read and we headed off to VooDoo Doughnut. It is probably the single most amazing donut shop in the history of the world. Ever.

The box does not lie…

Right there you have the raspberry filled VooDoo man, the Tang, Grape Ape and NoName. Then there is the Triple Chocolate (with cocopuffs), Dirt (with Oreo bits), and the singularly most exquisite doughnut ever, the bacon maple bar. I’ll suffer the heart attack gladly.

After gorging on VooDoo we went to one of the craziest Putt-Putt courses I’ve ever seen. It was right in the middle of the city, tucked into the side and under a regular office building. It’s called Glowing Greens and it’s a black-light, 3D glasses, pirate wreck, reggae music themed extravaganza.

As the course goes, it was fairly easy. It was really the theme of the place that made it a worthwhile experience. I think they tried really hard to monetize every single thing they could think of, going so far as to sell mint patties in a glass case. The clubs and balls were all brand-new, which was great, it was just a wee bit basic of a course for my taste.

It would definitely make it into the book Jen and I want to write about putt-putt courses in the U.S. though…maybe someday.

That was it, back home for a few hours rest, and then back to work full-tilt on Sunday.