Thunderweave at LRC 2010

Just a quick post to show off Jen fronting the band Thunderweave at the May 2010 Ladies Rock camp in Portland. There’s a ton of pictures floating around and more than one video, so I’m going to drop this here and gather up the rest later.

I thought the show was great, all the ladies did an excellent job, my only complaint was that the show was so short.

Dad at the drag races

My pops went to the track recently with his Mustang. Mostly stock except for a cold air intake and twin turbos. The big secret is that it’s running a custom tune (software) that he and his new business partner crafted.

They won every race that day.

Secret Santa Name Picker

Our family decided a few years ago to only do single gifts for the adults members of the family. We usually selected names whenever the largest group of us got together and, if someone was not present, would select for them and pass along their selection later.

This generally worked, but when we added the conditions that you wouldn’t select your spouse or significant other (what a dumb term) or that you wouldn’t have the same name two years running, things got a bit complicated.

I think I was the person most guilty of screwing this up.

This year there haven’t been any opportunities to get together and get this sorted out so I decided to come up with a solution. I wanted to write a small program to do the selection, exclusion, and emailing but I really don’t have the time right now. I stumbled on web-based solution that is free, no need to register, and has all the functionality we require.

I’m certain that use of the service entails some advertising related emails to follow, but that was a necessary evil at this point. If you find yourself in need of a Secret Santa Name Chooser give it a try.


It’s time for fundraising at school again. This year Brady is also tasked with selling to earn his share of the funds for 6th Grade Camp. He has a long time to do it, but he has to sell 200+ candy bars or pay the difference in cash to be able to attend.

If you would like to support the Camp fundraiser, let me know the number of bars you would like to purchase. They are $1 each with 50% going towards funding his stay at camp. Apparently, we’re automatically on the hook for at least $100 so our focus is there for now.

That being said, there is also a fundraiser for the school PTA. This difference here is that it funds general purchases at the school that all the kids can participate in. This may be a better alternative for those of you who wish to help out but to whom shipping a candy bar would be counter-productive.

When you visit the Fundraising Website you are able to select and purchase items that will be shipped directly to your door and Brady still gets credit for the sales.

Either way, if you want to help, we appreciate it. Hope everyone is having a good week.

Kids are surprisingly funny sometimes

Last night I was hanging out on the couch watching a show while Jen snoozed on the other end. Brady wanders by, grabs my toes and says,

“Dad, I really like your egg sandwiches.”

“Thanks,” I replied.

“And my teacher didn’t ask me to say that, either,” Brady said.

“Are you saying that she didn’t approach you and say ‘Go tell your father thank you for making a good egg sandwich.’ I don’t see see why she wouldn’t have.” (he’s pretty good with sarcasm)

“Well I thought maybe you would think she told us to say something nice, but she didn’t. I just really like how you do it so the cheese is melty and the egg is kind of salty,” he explained.

“I am glad you like it, thank you,” I said.

“Sure,” he finished. Then, “tickle, tickle” as he grabbed my foot again and trotted out of the room.

Totally priceless and great, but at the same time, it leaves me scratching my head. What the hell was that all about?