Gym Flooring

Started laying down the reclaimed gym floor last night. Jen was hustling the pieces over to me while I blasted away with the nailer. We were able to lay it down at a rate of 1 square foot per minute.

I suppose I should be heartened that, at that rate, it would take another ten to eleven hours to finish. Too bad we both know that there is no way in hell it will go that fast.

I’ll try to get some pics up once there is more than a 3 foot wide stripe of it done.

I hate plumbing

I used to think that the worst thing in the world was working on existing plumbing.  It’s always so stinky, disgusting, and difficult.  Now that I have set up the new bathroom in the shop I think I can expand that to include ALL plumbing.

Hiring a plumber is certainly expensive, from what I hear, I never hired one, but for all the bullshit and headaches it’s probably worth it.  I had all sorts of special circumstances with this latest build.  There was the “on-demand” water heater, inaccessible blow-off drain, faucet inlet lines and ridiculous installation points…you name it.

I finally got everything I needed, took back what I didn’t, etc. by the fourth trip to Home Depot.  And that was after I felt I had made a meticulous plan.

I started on Saturday somewhere around noon.  There was nothing in the bath area except paint.  Sunday around 6pm this was the result:

Here’s a final glamour-shot of the baby hot water heater:

Building Log #4.7e

Not a huge progress report, but things still are proceeding to move forward. Got the two main rooms completely paneled and cleaned out. Hung the french door between the two rooms also.

The only major hurdles left are to lay the recycled gym floor, and to paint and finish the bathroom.

Some gratuitous imagery:

Swanky Paneling

I was able to get several of the painted panels installed yesterday afternoon. It is a huge pain in the ass to cut around all of the notches and outlets but it will be worth it.

The large room is most of the way done, I have about 10 feet of one wall to do, and a few offcuts. I will save the offcuts until I have the other room done as well in case I use some of the scrap. No sense using good stuff until you have to.

Panel Painting

In our current workspace we have OSB wood sheeting on the walls. It provides a nice aesthetic but, more importantly, allows us to attach anything, anywhere to the walls. This is important because of all the tooling and shelves we use needing to be wall mounted in somewhat odd configurations.

This was a concern for the new space as well, obviously, but we decided to do it a little fancier than the last time. We cut about 80 pieces of particle board down to 2′ x 4′ segments. The idea was to panel the bottom half of the wall with these arranged in a brick-like pattern.

We wanted to stain them so we could get a bit of color from them but still retain that mottled appearance. It didn’t really turn out that great. We stained about 30 of them before deciding to scrap it. Jen went and bought a gallon of paint in similar colors and we spent the next few hours painting instead.

Now that they are all painted I can start laying them out and applying them to the existing walls.

Of course, I do have to case and trim the windows first…