Final Assembly

Now that the potentially finger-severing moments are behind us, the rest will proceed rather simply.

Pass the wires through the slot on the pen, then squeeze it tightly so that it conforms to the holes in both ends of the turn signal. Like so:

Pen covering the wires and inserted into both halves of the broken turn signal

At this point you should be able to see what’s coming next. Slide the pen halfway into the mount and halfway into the signal body. As long as the pen is not too big around, it should squeeze together neatly and bring the two halves together almost seamlessly.

The two halves reunited at last!

That’s it, totally done at this point. For extra credit I did put on a bit of electrical tape to seal the seam and keep vibration from pulling the two pieces apart. I suppose, now that I’m thinking about it while writing, that I also could have plopped some adhesive in there as well.

I don’t think I expected this to work, much less be so easy. There was an added bonus, since I only needed half the pen to make the repair I have another “VN 750 Turn Signal Repair Kit” available. First comment requesting it gets it! =) One last look:

A bit of electrical tape to seal the seam

Thanks for checking this out, remember that most of the time you are the only resource necessary. Have you seen the Hacks page? Maybe something there will interest you also.

3 thoughts on “Final Assembly

  1. Can’t disagree with you there. Needed it fixed to ride to ride to the blinker store though! Of course, it worked well enough that I skipped the $30 and still have it…

  2. thanks, mine had dry rotted the same week i had replaced parts on my other bike and could not afford to do this at the same time, and it worked fine, will probally just leave it this was for now.

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