Vulcan 750 Turn Signal Repair

Here it is, late May, and I hadn’t been on my bike in almost a year. I have 95 Vulcan 750. It’s old, a bit rusty, but it’s loud and reliable. Most importantly, it’s a motorcycle which is the only issue worth discussing.

The reason I have been unable to ride is actually rather ridiculous. In my heap of crap garage, something fell against the bike breaking the signal off at the plastic stalk. Like so:

The Broken Turn Signal

I have pulled the wires out a bit for clarity, when it happened it was just hanging at a sharp angle and looking rather forlorn. I’m a bit sad to say that was about 6 months ago. I kept saying I would take care of it but I could ignore the sun no more! It was time to ride.

Now, I could “fix” it by replacing the signal with a brand new one, but I don’t really consider that a repair. The object as a whole is functioning, but all I would have done is take a working part in two pieces and replaced it for a one-piece model.

That would have wasted the resources to produce, the resources to transport myself or the product, the resources I have earned, but more importantly, it would have wasted the resource of my brain. Ready? Lets dig in.

Click here to follow along with the repair.

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