DIY Hovercraft – Part 1

Step One:
Fantom brand donor vac Disassemble your vacuum down to the motor, fan, any necessary housings. Skip this section (obviously) if you are choosing to dual-purpose a leaf blower. Hmm, a gas-powered backpack
blower with a stand up hover platform might push the excitement level into the visible smile range for my stoic child. I damn sure wouldn’t ride it.
At left is my donor vacuum.
As seen in these shots of partial disassembly the vacuum pathing is/was woefully inefficient; up and down, up and down with hard plastic flap-type seals and generally unimpressive construction:

Vacuum cleaner or lab rat maze?
A better view of the maze of suckage
The finished blower is shown below with the hose attached to a modified section of the outflow filter housing. The housing was quite irregular shaped so I removed all unnecessary material with a rotary cutter and then made a duct using a thick poly bag I had laying about.

Finished blower assembly
Step 2:
Prepping the platform. I went with a rectangular platform due to no other reason than that it was that shape when I dug it out of my lumber pile. Hindsight tells me that a round platform would likely be better for airflow than my rectangle was.

Somewhere in the general vicinity of the center of the platform a hole must be drilled to accept
the hose of the blower. It’s more than a little necessary to do this step BEFORE stapling the
plastic liner to the underside.

The platform with corners rounded, inlet drilled, and skirt ready for attatchment A shot of my platform. The corners have been rounded off to help prevent tearing the skirt. The roll of material seen on the platform is some leftover weather stripping I used to seal up the skirt/staple/platform joint. Definite overkill, just use duct tape or something similar.
The finished platform with a decent view of the inlet port and the stapled and sealed skirt which, incidentally, is an old shower curtain:

The finished platform

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