Closet Bookshelves

The fully remodeled closet with tree and bird graphics

A few years ago, we pre-modeled the (tiny) second bedroom upstairs into an office. I had bookshelves all along the walls and I built a desk into the closet to make use of the space. I say pre-modeled only because it was never really meant to stay that way, it was just something to tide us over for a few years until we got around to doing it properly.

I really was pleased with the idea of being able to use the closet space for something like the desk, but when it came time to actually do the remodel I had to make a change. That arrangement always put Jennifer and I in close proximity, which would never be a bad thing, but it also meant we had a pretty limited amount of desk space. That fact coupled with the thought that we wanted to make space for Brady meant we needed to rethink the desk scenario.

We ended up with a “U” shaped desk, for three, on the walls opposite the closet. That left little room for the bookshelves that are so dear to me. I had some wall-mounted ones but that just made the space feel even smaller. I decided on something completely different.

The bookshelves had to be in the closet, non-negotiable. I really didn’t want to have the open shelves gaping out at me lamenting a lack of orderliness and I quickly realized orienting the shelves perpendicular to the closet opening would triple the linear shelf length. Bonus points for being able to pretty up the exterior of the shelves.

We wound up with the picture leading into the article. Four rolling bookshelves, two double-sided, two double depth. They ride on casters straight in and out, but may be pulled completely out and wheeled around the room, if you were so inclined.

Here’s a look at each of the sections pulled out:

Rolling bookshelf out for access

Another center section

The above two sections are the double-sided shelves holding normal sized books, both hard- and paperback.

End shelf with games

The bookcase on the far left side holds all of our board and card games.

The far left shelf holding the photos, art books, and office supplies

The last bookcase holds the boxed photos, art books, and office supplies. In this view you can see the back side of the bookcase showing that it is full-depth.

This final shot is the closet area with all of the bookcases stowed fully. They all have the same twelve-inch cabinet pulls and the vinyl tree and bird graphics came from here.

The fully stowed bookcases

The best part of these bookcases? I LOVE them. In a totally “still in the closet” kind of way.

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  1. This is ingenious!!! Please ask your wife if I can borrow you to build me some of these!!!
    Really and truly beautiful!
    Love it!

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