Seahawks vs. Broncos

So we’re here at qwest field for the Seahawks game. We have sweet suite seats.

It’s kinda interesting seeing how really affluent folks spend money. I’m not sure I would do this all the time even if I could afford it.

Have to say thanks to FedEx for sliding us the tickets. I will let some pictures do some talking for me now.

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3 thoughts on “Seahawks vs. Broncos

  1. Who would want to watch the game from behind a window anyway? being in the middle of the fans….smelling the garlic fries and screaming with everyone else, singing the fun songs, that is watching a sports game!!

  2. There was no window, so all the noise and everything else was still right there. There wasn’t any really rowdy fan-type activity though. There was a great spread of food and a whole fridge of beer and sodas though, so that was pretty cool.

    I’m no judge really, I think that might have been the first time I watched an NFL game front to back. I’m not a mega fan or anything so I think the suite experience is perfect for me.

    It’s just not something I would ever throw my own money at =)

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