Princeville, Kaua’i

Towards the tail end of our stay on Kaua’i we elected to stay in a rental condo on the north side of the island in Princeville. We found it rather last minute by browsing around on Vacation Rentals By Owner and got a bit lucky to find a place that was available at the last minute.

Now, clearly, it wouldn’t have been a top-shelf property and still be available at the last minute but it wasn’t too bad. We paid about $65 a night for a studio with a “kitchenette,” a deck with a middling view of the golf course, and the most uncomfortable couch ever created on this or any other planet.

I put kitchenette in quotes because as minimal as a kitchenette is to a true kitchen, this thing was to a true kitchenette. We’re talking about a hot plate and a toaster oven on the same piece of furniture as the television. Well, to be fair, there was also a mini-fridge. It only took 36 hours for it to actually get cold enough to place food inside.

There was, however, a pool. It was nothing at all special, about 12×36 feet and sloping from 3 to 9 feet deep. It did have the endearing quality of being empty at almost all hours of the day. Jen and I took to going once or twice in the afternoon every day with a big jug of the daily cocktail. Jugtail?

it was a great place to base our operation on the north side though. We ran out to Hanalei (of Puff the Magic Dragon fame) a few times and then all the way out to Ke’e Beach. There was a great observation point just outside of Princeville proper where you could overlook the valley and see the rice paddies and other farming activity. It was right about here:

View Princeville, Kaua’i Overlook in a larger map

It was a fantastically amazing view, here are a few pictures:

A view outside Princeville

Another view outside Princeville

It was a great place to be, but we had saved enough money from cheaping out earlier we decided to splurge for the last night and left this place a day early.

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