Glass Beach

We also went to Glass Beach on the south shore of Kaua’i

View Glass Beach in a larger map

This is a picture of me on the southernmost point on the above map. There was a small path leading down here from the hillside above. The dirt areas of hill were filled with rusted bits of engines and transmisisons. There was even a smashed car partly buried and hanging out of the hillside.

Kevin on the rocks at Glass Beach

There was a cemetery on the coast there as well. Completely inexplicable and unmarked except for the headstones. There were several of these types of cemeteries around the island. I would love to know the story and significance of them.

Headstone in the coastal cemetery

Another headstone on the coast

I also got my first experience GeoCaching with Sherri. She had already found this one a few months before so she just helped me along and let me find it. Way fun!

Kevin writing in the log for the GeoCache

That’s a picture of me writing in the logbook for the GeoCache, I didn’t come prepared with any little trinket to leave behind unfortunately. I will remember next time!

For a tiny little beach in an industrial area, there was sure a lot of interesting things to see and do there. We were very glad to have taken the time to stop here and check it out.

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