Waimea Canyon

One of the first places we visited on Kaua’i was Waimea Canyon. It’s on the southwest side of the island. In the map Point A is Kokee state park. The green arrow is my best guess at where the observation point for Waimea Canyon is.

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The views were quite stunning. I really wished I had a tripod and my laptop with me so I could shoot some High Dynamic Range pictures, but these will have to do:

A view into Waimea Canyon

The horizon at Waimea

Sherri was nice enough to take a picture of Jen and I enjoying the scenery.

Jen and I at Waimea Canyon

Down in the parking lot someone had set up a makeshift concession area where we got a couple good snaps of the unofficial island bird.

Kaua'i Alarm Clock

It was a lot of fun up there. Like most things on the island it was within a 45min drive so we were able to visit and still have plenty of time in the day for other things.

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