Live your best life

I suppose this is a bit of a rehashing of this post about excuses and goals, but it felt different so I wanted to put it in its own home.

A natural occurrence from making (and achieving!) goals instead of excuses is that you begin to focus on more positive aspects of your life. Once you stop saying things like “When I have X then I will Y,” and skip directly to saying “I am working towards Y, right now,” positive things begin to pave the way. Accomplishments beget more accomplishments.

“Someday, I’d like to know how to knit.” How about you curb that Real World 47 recap marathon and just go do it already?

I can’t begin to understand having hopes and dreams, like we all do, blowing 10 hours watching television on the weekends, and then moaning to your co-workers and friends about the “if-only” scenarios you’ve concocted as being unreachable.

To me, it seems worse still to watch “reality” television. What is so enticing about the artificial drama, the creative editing, and the completely outlandish contexts? Is it to make the viewer envious of these other lives, looking in from the outside? Or maybe is it so that the viewer can think, in some small way, that they are better than the people they are watching?

Get a clue, seriously.

Giving away giant chunks of your consciousness and productive time is monumentally foolish. It is an insult to your future self. Do you honestly suppose, some time in the future, that you will regret going for a hike in the woods, or learning to play the harmonica?

Maybe I’m wrong, perhaps you will look back and fondly remember that time you spent 70 hours watching Buffy on DVD.
It’s not like you had anything better to do…

p.s. This is not a rant about tv, I am certainly a fan of good television entertainment. Substitute television in the above argument for whatever that gaping hole is in your life that steals your future. Almost all of us have one.

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