Finishing the Floor

Over the weekend I finished the last foot or so of hardwood flooring. I was fortunate through the entire process to not need to rip any boards to fit. All of my walls, transitions, and doorways were reached with full boards or only minimal notching. I really could not have planned it any better had I tried.

The only thing now is that I have about 250 sq. ft. of flooring left. Anyone need a small amount of recycled gym flooring? Please? =)

Saturday afternoon I picked up a gallon of oil-based polyurethane. I wasn’t sure that was going to be enough but one gallon was plenty for a single coat. I laid it on with 1/4″ nap roller, a long handle, and a normal paint tray. I made slow passes about 4 feet wide doing the overlapping W-pattern I remember fondly from years of vacuum detail in the Lisowski house.

I am very happy with the results, what do you think?

gym flooring

more gym flooring


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