Ladies Rock Camp May 09

Jen headed down to Portland for Ladies Rock Camp last weekend and hooked up again with some of her bandmates from last year. Together they formed the band Sharp Decline, Jennifer on Bass, Kristen did Vocals, Stephanie on Drums, and Adrienne on Lead Guitar.

All three of the other girls are from Texas and are in a band there called Her Majesty’s Sweatbox. Jen was able to see one of their shows locally when she went down to hang out last summer.

They totally smashed it, the whole song came off well, I thought, and each of their individual parts were well received. The crowd especially enjoyed Adrienne’s mini-shred solo. I wasn’t able to take still photos during the actual performance because I was using Kristen’s DV cam to get some video.

She’s having a bit of difficulty uploading it so she’ll snail-mail up to us and I’ll post it as soon as I get it. Instead of the usual string of individual images I am putting this here slideshow in. Let me know if in the comments if you like one form over another.

I have some pics from the afterparty also which I will get up here next.

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