Laying Hardwood Flooring

Is way harder than I thought. I’m not sure if it’s extra hard because the flooring is recycled, used gym flooring or what exactly. I am really enjoying the look of it but what a beast to install. I am about four feet from completion but just couldn’t lay one more piece tonight.

I did manage to remember to take pictures this time around.

Reclaimed Gymnasium Flooring

That shot is from the side door facing the bathroom. Just barely off the right side of the frame is the wall/finish line. So close, but so three hours of work away.

Recycled Gymnasium Flooring

That’s a view from the french doors facing the main entrance, the bathroom is immediately to the right.

Used Gym Flooring

And that picture should tie the whole thing together visually. Check out how you can see no fewer than 3 hammers in that last picture. This building business is crazy stuff.

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