Battle of the Books 2009

Brady had his school-wide Battle of the Books last Friday. There were six teams of four kids ranging from fourth- to sixth-graders. They had to answer 25 questions on any of the 18 books for this season.

Brady and a girl on his team were the only kids to read all 18 books although that did not give them a definitive edge, as the competition was quite a nail-biter. They seesawed back and forth every few questions and, ultimately, were tied for 1st at the end of 25 questions.

There was an overtime round of 5 questions for the two teams that were tied for first place. Brady’s team answered correctly on the first two questions while the opponents were unable to do the same. Both teams answered incorrectly on the third question, leaving the door still open for another tied round.

Brady’s team was able to clinch the win on the fourth question and went on to take the tie-breaker round 4-0.

Sweet Victory!

The winners were given medals and all participants received prize packs. Brady mentioned that someone bought pizza for them at lunchtime and they got to sit in the lunchroom and mow down slice after slice while the other kids stared forlornly at their wilted Fruit-by-the-Foot.

Here a parting shot of the winning team:

They move on to the district competition on May 20. Wish them well!

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