Panel Painting

In our current workspace we have OSB wood sheeting on the walls. It provides a nice aesthetic but, more importantly, allows us to attach anything, anywhere to the walls. This is important because of all the tooling and shelves we use needing to be wall mounted in somewhat odd configurations.

This was a concern for the new space as well, obviously, but we decided to do it a little fancier than the last time. We cut about 80 pieces of particle board down to 2′ x 4′ segments. The idea was to panel the bottom half of the wall with these arranged in a brick-like pattern.

We wanted to stain them so we could get a bit of color from them but still retain that mottled appearance. It didn’t really turn out that great. We stained about 30 of them before deciding to scrap it. Jen went and bought a gallon of paint in similar colors and we spent the next few hours painting instead.

Now that they are all painted I can start laying them out and applying them to the existing walls.

Of course, I do have to case and trim the windows first…

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