Inspected by #9

At this point all of the interior framing and the shear-wall (exterior siding) is done. the inspection for these two items is set to occur on 12 March. That may be all we need to be signed off on a Final Inspection also but we just don’t know yet.

That’s not to say that the exterior is completely done, because it is not. There will be cement-based clapboards going on the lower section and a batten-board treatment on the upper section. Obviously, paint and gutters will need to be added as well.

Here are a few shots of how she looks as of about an hour ago:

From Building
From Building

Also slated for the exterior is an aluminum ramp and landing like they have on the newer school portables. I am still in the process of sourcing that particular item. I have found several resellers all using the same stock images online so I know there has to be at least one tier above all of these places.

I need to find some outdoor lighting to place on either side of the rolling doors also. Going to be tough I think to find something in the modern/industrial/contemporary vein that won’t cause another ka-ching spasm in my wallet.

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