Brady’s First Concert

So Brady has his first band concert this evening. It was an interesting setup. They basically tried to highlight the students progression from knowing nothing to being able to play a basic song. The elementary kids played for at most 20 minutes then we were regaled with 4 long numbers from a single Junior High band.

From Brady's First Concert

They were good, no doubt about that, but when you drag 6-7-8 elementary school’s families together and a fraction of a single junior high having the balance of the performance opposite the attendance feels odd.

I know that they do it to spark interest in the students and parents at the elementary level so they get stoked about their kids being in band at a higher level so I can’t really be mad at them for that. Maybe it would have been more effective if more than half of the people present had a seat.

Anyhow, here’s the only ensemble song the elementary kids played:

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One thought on “Brady’s First Concert

  1. HeeeeeY!

    Brady! You’re a stud. You can use those sticks to beat the girls off now. They always go for the drummer first. Send your mama to Texas, ya’ heard!

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